Architects in Costa Rica designing custom homes, designs in Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes and blueprints. Learn about affordable house plans for your home, house, hotel or airbnb rental.

Costa Rica's Sustainable Building Consultant, Designing Homes and Ldoges.

Living in the rainforest near Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica puts me in the front row of the biomimicry classroom where my curiosity is stimulated by my surroundings and by sacred forest I live in.
Like the zebra stripes, penguins huddle, termite mounds and mud wasp nests, your home should be passively cooled and charged with negative ions.

Architecture should capture, harness, store and distribute passive energy and comfort. My custom blueprints and home designs create cooling and comfort by revitalizing air and water in your immediate surroundings. My published videos on line demonstrate passive green ideas, many inventions made with recycled products.

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Architecture and design should respond positively to electro and bio magnetic frequency in our surroundings. By designing homes and public places that respond to wind, water, fire and earth we can begin to understand the simplicities and subtle energies found in nature. If you want to know about cooling and heating, study natures creations that deal with the most extreme climates. There’s an enormous amount of information that is generated by fish, birds, whales, dolphins, zebras and penguins…just to name a few.
Here are several ways to apply free energy to your home design;
• Air chambers in foundations to attract cool air in from northern sides while resisting hot temps from southern exposures. ( function of termites- mud wasps )
• Rainwater is stored underground and used for a/c cooling in bedrooms ( camel )
• Heat trapped in metal roof spaces converts to passive run ceiling fans.
• Walls that breath and provide resistance to uncomfortable climates.
• Use of Teak and Bamboo.
My home designs begin with curved foundations with air chambers to move cool breeze through your home. Warm air on roof and southern exposures creates cooling inside the home. Designing your home or hotel lobby as if it was one organism. Furnishings and landscaping are important as well as the entire site should be considered a resource. Connect your architecture or next project to the life force energy that is omnipresent.

Enhance Chi and abundance on your building site by paying attention to the subtle energies that exist. Start by identifying breezy and shady areas, best view and direction of sun during mid-day. Then design a home that matches and compliments your surroundings. By paying attention to nature, we can begin to live in homes that resonate with the elemental forces of nature. Architecture should create a space of clarity and encouragement.

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