Biomimicry in Blueprints, Architects in Costa Rica, designing homes in Panama and Caribbean. Custom Home designs by architects in Costa Rica. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes that attract Yin and Chi energy.

Passive Energy For Your Custom Home, Unique Floor Plans Save Money.

Dualist Yin and Yan in Harmony form Toroidal Energy
Light, like love exploding into a dark room, feeds and nurtures the surrounding environment. Our fear perceptions resulting in our beliefs are like the darkness and cannot survive once light appears. Our false beliefs reside in our sub-conscious and generally no longer support abundant and loving life practices as adults. When we feel the need to defend, pull back, resist, we access Yan consciousness, which is our programming based on our life experiences before the age of 7. It is at this time when we create our habits and determine the way we see and perceive life.
As children, we were Yin receivers. As adults, we become Yan projectors with ridged beliefs and guarded ways of communicating. As ‘Yin’ children we embraced surrender and didn’t know fear. Now as ‘Yan’ adults, we cling to resistance and fear and avoid surrender and vulnerability altogether. Fear kills cell growth and prevents our spiritual and physical beings from growing. On the other hand, Yin, or Love energy advances biological cell growth and enhances our ‘true’ life experience.
The shape and purpose of intelligent design in geology and biology is to absorb, create and harness Yin energy. Associated with water and birth. Yin energy splits oxygen particles into 3 molecules called 03 or better known as Ozone which exists in all living matter.

No different than our personal auras around our bodies or the auras of a large oxygen producing forest. Yin energy contributes negative ions back to the atmosphere defending the earth from the suns harsh ultraviolet rays.

If all we see ourselves as one organism, truly then there is no difference between goosebumps on your skin charging your aura with ozone, versus a lightning strike under or above a thundercloud charging the atmosphere. Our auras protect our bodies from radiation just as the ionosphere protects earth from the sun’s radiation. These bio magnetic charges eventually feed and reside in the ionosphere where Yin energy gathers to become resistant Yan found in the Ozone layer. Here in the auroras, we see radiation bouncing off ionized air and water particles displaying its marvel. Yin is responsible for oxygen and water on earth. We are all part of the fabric of earths life support system called Yin. Architecture is biology.

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Yin and Yan in Health and Housing-
Our beliefs about comfort, pleasure and abundance are directly tied and ingrained in our sub conscious programming. The subconscious mind, our trained mind, has us convinced we must build square houses with square windows and doors, then run out and buy imported square furniture and appliances. Our false beliefs about love, health and abundance are just like our beliefs about circular piping, square architecture, rectangular buildings, unsustainable building methods and the use of imported materials. The only reason why we live in square architecture is because it’s easy to duplicate, mass produce and ship. It’s only our belief that needs to be altered.

Adopting a new and unfiltered belief about comfort or architecture, one must come from a new ‘Yin’ point of reference, which complements our culture, environment and enhances our life experience. In tropical Central America, Yin energy is needed to attract cool temperatures from northeast and Yan energies to deflect the hot afternoon sun. Architecture is meant to attract, inspire, create comfort and clarity for its occupants and guests. Architecture ‘is’ biology. Each add diversity and contribute to our biological community and add diversity to our environment. In order for culture and biology to advance the human species. Yin consciousness must prevail over Yan subconscious. The vitality of biology, our environment and the human species depends on it.