Architects in Costa Rica designing custom homes, designs in Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes and blueprints. Learn about affordable house plans for your home, house, hotel or airbnb rental.

Passive Energy For Your Custom Home, Unique Floor Plans Save Money.

What I’ve learned living in the rainforest is that architecture should be a receptor for bio magnetic energy. Surfaces should revitalize air and water for use in healthy living. As a biomimicist, I consult with transportation and energy engineers, Costa Rica architects and land developers.

I also teach the application of Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci repeating sequence on radio and in my architectural blueprints, I apply The Golden Mean principals to man-made objects as well as house plans, custom home and hotel designs. Consulting as an architect and house plan designer in Costa Rica, Caribbean and Panama.

The function of nature is where we find subtle passive energies available for daily use. Your architecture should reflect your surroundings.

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When we take a closer look a nature and its ability to harness subtle passive energies, we find the sustainable planners, developers and eco architects of the environment are actually rocks, trees, insects, birds, mammals and fish. For example, a bird or mud wasp nest uses its shape to organize air into hurricane patterns of thermal convection to maintain cool and warm temperatures.

The shape, form and coloration of an Emperor penguin huddle, combined with their frozen heartbeats, actually raises of the air temperature to 104 F. in the center of the spiral shape they create with their bodies.

Closer to the equator, zebras use their stripes to create concentric vortice air movements to remain cool. Under water, fish, humpback whales and Hammerhead sharks use their oddly shaped noses and fins for speed as well as resisting current and in some cases flight.

By observing nature at micro level, I can begin to understand the macro scale of the entire eco system working as one harmonious pump. Your home and hotel should do the same.

It starts with designs inspired by biology and includes innovative passive energy systems to keep you and your guests comfortable.

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