Architects in Costa Rica designing custom homes, designs in Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes and blueprints. Learn about affordable house plans for your home, house, hotel or airbnb rental.

Bio engineering in architecture for comfort and Improved Performance.

What is biomimicry and what does a biomimicist do. I asked myself the same question for years, trying to figure out what to print on my architecture and engineering business card. Improving performance in health, energy, transportation and comfort, biomimicry is the science of copying natures forms, shapes and microscopic textures onto man-made objects.

After living at rainforest edge in Costa Rica, I’ve observed, copied and concluded there is much more going on in the environment than main stream conventional science or physics is willing or can explain. One of my architectural projects, Lapa's Nest Treehouse, was just featured on Conde Nast Traveler.

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My home designs and blueprints include foundations that act as cool air batteries and release cool air throughout the day from below your floor. My custom home designs can include green energy systems that turn uncomfortable roof top heat into comfortable cooling below. Mi bio morphic designs capture water and air, revitalizing it and storing it in below ground catchment systems that produce passive a/c energy like a koozie keeps your drink cool.

By copying natures forms and functions into our home designs, furnishings and landscaping, we begin to harness cool air, wind, heat and water within the architecture. Copying what I observe, then replicate its unique feature and function into home and hotel designs connects your home or hotel back to the frequency of ALL things natural. Square and rectangular smooth buildings disconnect you from nature.

As a biomimicist, I set out to solve human challenges with architecture, manufactured good, products and even services. Ideas from nature are useful in most industries. I apply function to form to structurally enhance the performance of products in energy, architecture, perma culture, air ducts and water distribution equipment. Recently I’ve consulted with energy, health and engineers in the transportation industry.

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