Biomimicry in Blueprints, Architects in Costa Rica, designing homes in Panama and Caribbean. Custom Home designs by architects in Costa Rica. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes that attract Yin and Chi energy.

Using Yin and Yang in design, engineering and architecture.

You can find high levels of Yin energy at the bottom of waterfalls or near the confluence of two rivers. Seen on the shady sides of mountains, Yin gives birth to forests, oxygen and life. Yin energy is the attractive force that creates clouds, tornadoes, hurricanes, rip tide currents and thermal air movement.

Yin or Love energy feeds our consciousness mind and expands outward to support biological cell growth as a species. Yin energy is the intersection of intentions and the driving force behind the most powerful force in nature.

Levity or levitation is the resulting energy created by the law of attraction. Law of attraction is feminine and the strongest force in nature. Advancing biology ‘is’ Yins purpose.

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Yang or ‘Yan’ as Subconsciousness Energy

Yan or sometimes called ‘Yang’ energy is masculine, resides in our left side of our brains and is associated with the day, the sun and resistance to the elements. Yan is representing by the longest and shortest days of the year of the summer and winter solstices. Associated with our brains and thinking minds, Yan energy is opposite of Yin energy and is made up of positively charged ions. Yan is associated with our thinking brains and our child hood perceptions that create false beliefs and are the basis of our fear based programming and belief system.

Without good examples of love during our formative years, our attractive ‘Yin’ perception as children, becomes resistant Yan energy as adults where our beliefs and habits create our life experiences.
Yan energy lives in our left brains and is a collection of beliefs, fears and thought patterns based on our perceptions as children. having nothing to do with experiencing a loving and nurturing life, these perceptions prevent you from a loving life and only provide a guide how ‘not’ to live. Yang energy is full of sub conscious thoughts, mind chatter and repeated behaviors that support old beliefs, all of which have nothing to do with living a nurturing, loving and abundant life. You can sense Yan’s resistant energy in auras of people that rub you the wrong way. In nature, Yan energy is found in abundance on top of mountains, steep ridges, hot deserts and in and near urbanized communities where square architecture is found.