Holistic home designs take advantage of natural resources and passive energies. Eco-Friendly Home Designs & Blueprints in Costa Rica, Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes.

Costa Rica's Sustainable Building Consultant, Designing Homes and Ldoges.

By applying natural shapes, forms, colors and textures to your product line you will soon be flying faster, soaring higher, staying warmer or keeping cooler than your competitors just be reshaping and tooling your planes, trains, automobiles, boats, car racks, propellers, pumps, valves, piping, decals, turbines, fan blades, furnaces, fans, filters, faucets, heating and air conditioning systems.

Manufactures can significantly improve their product lines' efficiency and performance by paying to attention and copying natural forms and functions in Agriculture, Public water utilities, agricultural and manufacturing stand to gain the most from introducing vortice technology into gardening, water distribution, irrigation and water storage. Nature teaches us how to re-tool our valves, pipes, turbines and tanks to conform with the shapes of scales and forms like humpback whale fins, rejuvenating the health of water back to spring water like conditions. Understanding vortice gardening and bio magnetic energy is critical to healthy living away from pesticides and agrochemicals.

All public, commercial and residential water piping, valves, sprinkler and shower heads should spin water in counterclockwise spiral in Northern Hemisphere, and clockwise in Southern Hemisphere in order to restructure water back to its original spring like meandering self. This ensures the health and vitality of the water.

Agricultural companies that manufacture or install sprinkler heads, pipes and water storage facilities could adopt vortice rejuvenation technology to improve the health and vitality of water, improve yields in food production, and through additional vortices gardening techniques using only copper, we can begin to reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides in our gardens and promote healthy living choices. Applying the principals of Sacred Geometry to food growing and water quality is critical to life.

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Adopt natures geometric blueprint into your product line or in your custom home design. Whether you are designing a home, hotel or manage water and air distribution, design desalinization plants or derive your living in agriculture, watershed repair or erosion control, your company can benefit from retooling valves, pipes, propellers, turbines, storage tanks according to natures forms and textures. Architects, engineers and transportation designers should also mimic natures’ shape and texture in all designs.

There is enough kinetic energy created during our morning commute on our highways to power our offices while we are at work. Capturing free wind energy from highways is as simple as molding golf ball dimples, indentations and textured impressions from nature into concrete barriers, bridge abutments, retainer walls and tunnels. The curved impressions return air back into swirling vortices air pockets to reduce air resistance out in front of cars and trucks on our highways, just by applying dimples on a golf ball to our highway and transportation systems would reduce gas consumption by 15% for those in the fast lane. Traffic traveling under bridges and through tunnels create enough energy to power the street and stop lights above. Wind on highways whipping back and forth from lane to lane is kinetic energy that can be captured in the trunks of our cars and trailer trucks and used to power our homes and offices. Nature takes it one more step and asks us to form and texture our vehicles to mimic nature, harness drag and maximize free energy from our movement and commute.

We find free energy in between bird feathers, mammal’s fur, fish fins and reptiles scales, with each species harnessing drag to create unique energy. Planes, trains and automobile manufactures should get busy applying the shapes, forms and textures of nature onto our manmade objects. 3-d printers should be programmed to replicate the ocean's dimpled surface onto decals, cars, boat bottoms and airplanes to reduce fossil fuel usage. In addition, decal and pin-stripping companies can begin applying textured decals on the trailing edge of airplane wings, propellers motors, engines, fuel filters and carburetors. By paying attention to the bio geometric sequence of nature, we can start to see how Sacred Geometry's random sequences impact our world. the magnitude of such a discovery. Nature’s best kept secrets are hidden in the 8.7 million living organisms.