Holistic home designs take advantage of natural resources and passive energies. Eco-Friendly Home Designs & Blueprints in Costa Rica, Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes.

Passive Energy For Your Custom Home, Unique Floor Plans Save Money.

If we pay attention to how nature uses water and air, we see earth’s most powerful energy and life force working within and all around us. Factories, fins, fur and feathers -We find free energy in natural structures: bird feathers, mammal fur, fish fins and reptiles scales, etc. Species with these features harness drag to create unique, usable and storageable energy.

Planes, trains and automobile manufactures could apply the shapes, forms and textures of nature into manmade objects. 3-d printers could be programmed to replicate the ocean's dimpled surface onto decals, cars, boat bottoms and airplanes to reduce fossil fuel usage. In addition, decal and pin-stripping companies could begin applying textured decals on the trailing edge of airplane wings, propellers motors, engines, fuel filters and carburetors. By paying attention to the bio geometric sequence of nature, we can start to see the magnitude of such discoveries.

There are many lessons to be learned by hydrologists, agriculturalists, and watershed conservation engineers from the study and application of natural water and air movements and forms throughout nature. Electrical engineers could increase hydroelectric energy potential and hydrologists could better prevent flooding through the proper use of cross vortice movements of water.

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Just by applying simple impressions of nature’s subtle forms and textures onto our manmade objects, we’ll begin to understand the randomness that exists within the Fibonacci Sequence and provide us the wisdom as we take a seat as students of and in nature. The form and texture of things maximizes free energy potential, reduces drag and creates free and usable energy. It is here where we find applicable uses from Sacred Geometry to solve human problems in health, energy and transportation.

Can you imagine designers, architects and engineers studying and matching natural forms with the desired manufacturing functions? What if they were able to successfully replicate previously ignored natural energy "shapers and harnesses" into product lines to provide better products with better performance? Companies might be able to mold their philosophies and products lines towards sound bio-geometric principals of nature and simultaneously win financially, sustainably and ecologically. By applying natural shapes, forms, colors and textures to product lines they could soon be flying faster, soaring higher, staying warmer and keeping cooler with less long term capital investment.

Why not redesign planes, trains, automobiles, boats, car racks, propellers, pumps, valves, pipes, decals, turbines, fan blades, furnaces, fans, filters, faucets, heating, air conditioning systems, etc. with more cost efficient, sustainable, performance enhancements based on natures forms and functions. It is in this subtle charge is where Chi and Life Force Energy are born. I focus on interior living spaces and forms, including furniture, to ensure they blend and provide comfort air flows charged with negative ions, ozone and good Chi energy. My homes and office designs pay attention to natural spiraling movements to attract or repel cool or hot air surroundings. It is here that I use the knowledge and wisdom found hidden in the Fibonacci Spiral elements. I pay attention to home positioning, breezes, views and seasonal sun pathways to create desirable air and moisture vortexes in landscaping and building designs.

Paying attention to texture and function reveals nature’s inner secrets to desalinization, abundant health and free energy creation.
To harness drag from nature and maximize chi potential in our lives we must begin by rounding off square corners and scuffing up smooth surfaces in our homes, apartments and workplace.

Companies that mold their philosophies and products lines towards bio geometric principals of nature will be first to gain financially. With 8.7 million living examples of Fibonacci and Sacred Geometry to observe, study and copy, we’ll soon discover the foundational birthplace of all life on earth.