Holistic home designs take advantage of natural resources and passive energies. Eco-Friendly Home Designs & Blueprints in Costa Rica, Panama and Caribbean. Blueprints with sacred geometric proportions create comfortable breezy homes.

Home and House Designs using Sacred Geometry.

While living in the Costa Rican rainforest for over a decade, nature has revealed to me many things about free energy, more specifically spiraling air and water movements as they pass over and through earth’s shapes, forms, colors and textures.

In South and Eastern Asia, it is called Chi, Fend Shui, Qi or Prana Energy. In the West, it is often termed as life-force energy. There are examples of free energy uses everywhere one looks in nature. By studying and replicating nature's vortextual structures we may better solve important design challenges in architecture, health, energy, transportation and manufacturing.

Nature's spiral structures by and large follow the mathematical progressions or sequences discovered in India and brought to the attention of the West by Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. By paying attention to the spiral paths that air and water prefer, we can begin to incorporate the Fibonacci Spiral into our lives: homes, offices, air and water supplies to enhance vitality or Chi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number

Ozone (oxygen with an extra electron, O3) is necessary to the well being of humans and the animal kingdom. Inside homes, it can be created simply by rounding off square corners in our homes and workplaces. Air ducts, ventilation and water delivery systems can be rounded off to create and attract inward spiraling vortices of air and water charged with negative ions, static electricity and ozone.

If you are building a home or breaking ground on a project, start paying attention to the direction the breeze blows, where heat and convection current exist. View the shade patterns before placing your custom home or building your project on your land.

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There are literally million of natural forms, shapes and textures, each creating specific functions, many from fur, fins, scales and feathers to harness drag, create lift, free flight, increase speed, put on brakes, heat up or cool off. It’s time engineers and designers take some risks by copying nature's forms and textures to make better turbines, propellers and airplane wings. There are many examples of nature creating its own power needs. For example how a zebra uses it’s stripes to create cooling or how Emperor Penguins create temperatures over 100* with just subtle movements within their spiral huddle.

By watching Hawks and Vultures fly effortlessly above or how Humpback Whales soar 40’ into the air, we can begin to understand how vortice movements of air and water react to each other to create static, more commonly called ozone, forming Earth’s most powerful energies.

Nature teaches us ways to create and store these usable energies. Like the shapes and textures of nature, you can harness this Chi energy in your home, office and public buildings. My on-line consultation services are invaluable for someone getting ready to design, manufacture, build or break ground on new projects . Sacred geometry reveals its magical sequence to show us ways to reduce our dependencies on fossil fuels, proving once again, there really is more to Sacred Geometry than meets the naked eye.